Building a Sacred Community

Article 730 is a grassroots organization committed to providing holistic mental health support for formerly incarcerated men and women.


Supporting the Incarcerated

Mental Health Support

For the formerly Incarcerated

730 addresses the mental trauma that incarceration causes, known as the Post Incarceration Syndrome (PICS). The PICS symptoms are caused by prolonged confinement to environments of punishment with few opportunities for rehabilitation. We provide a foundation for overcoming their experiences.

Reintegration into Society

Holistic Healing

730 aims to provide holistic healing for the incarcerated through different forms of therapy. Through workshops in gardening, yoga, and art therapy, the men will be able to express themselves and alleviate their PICS symptoms. They will have a chance to meditate and actively participate in mindfulness.

Research & Development

Raise Awareness & Network of Support

730 aims to raise awareness for the issues associated with PICS. Consequently, it will create a knowledge-base of people with PICS and a network of support on which the families and health care providers of the people suffering from PICS can rely.


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